Internet Trading System

FirstFX is a software platform owned and developed by Anglorand Seychelles Ltd. ("Anglorand"). This site and related software is run and administrated in cooperation with Ingress Software SRL ("Ingress"), on Ingress's domain and servers.
FirstFX trading platform is meant for Anglorand Group internal use, for Anglorand staff, for Ingress staff and for Anglorand accepted parners, for development and test purposes.

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Anglorand Financial Services Group

Anglorand is a financial services group, servicing private clients as well as global financial groups. Diversified services are provided by a palette of companies operating in the international financial and IT sector:

Anglorand Holdings Ltd.
since 1905

Anglorand Securities Ltd.
member of JSE Securities Exchange SA

Anglorand Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd.
asset management

Anglorand Management Company (Pty) Ltd.
Namibia unit trust administration

Anglorand Futop (Pty) Ltd.
futures & derivatives
member of the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX)

Anglorand Securities Botswana (Pty) Ltd.
financial advisory and marketing

Anglorand Seychelles Ltd.
international derivatives and funds

Ingress Software SRL.
IT Services